Bio Detox Program “for take away”

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After completing payment you will get a comprehensive application form to provide us with necessary informations. 

You need to send the filled form back to us and within 72 hours we will send you the individual treatment according to your health condition. We will also deliver a set of aromatherapy oils specially produced according to your wishes, needs and current body state. 

Send the filled form via e-mail listed under Contact page.


Prescribed by medical specialist. Implemented by aromatherapist and personal and motivational coach.



  1. Detoxification (depending on type) / 1-6 weeks
  2.  Revitalization, strengthening the body and physical endurance / 4-6 weeks
  3.  Correction of body weight / 2-6 weeks
  4.  The psychophysical relaxation (anti-stress and mood improving) / 1-4 weeks
  5.  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / 2-4 weeks
  6.  Improving the performance of the digestive system / 2-4 weeks
  7.  Regulation of blood pressure / 3-6 weeks
  8.  Cleaning the blood vessels / 6 weeks
  9.  Reduction of elevated blood lipids / 4-6 weeks
  10.  Improvement of thyroid gland function / 3-6 weeks
  11.  Normalization of blood glucose / 2-5 weeks
  12.  Improvement of respiratory function / 3-5 weeks
  13.  Strengthening of immunity / 2-6 weeks
  14.  Anti-parasite program / 2-5 weeks
  15.  Treatment of bone and joint system / 2-6 weeks
  16.  Beauty Treatments (antirid, body lifting, cellulite …) / 1-4 weeks
  17.  Complete range of aromatherapy / 1-6 weeks
  18.  Anti-Allergy program / 2-4 weeks

Our oils are ideal for everyday skin care, as well as for the health of the whole body. After being properly applied to the skin, healthy particles of essential oils can find their way to all the cells in our body in just 2 to 3 hours. (Example: if you apply essential oil made from garlic on your feet, in an hour you will feel the smell of garlic in your breath).

In commercial cosmetic goods (so called body milks), around 80% is consisted of demineralized water. Such water is considered unsaturated and it aims to achieve optimal concentration of mineral mater (120 -180mg), hence it binds minerals, “steals” them from our body and in the end rinses them… Other 20% is consisted of various chemicals that are necessary for products containing water- preservatives, emulsifiers, synthetic scents, artificial colors, bleachers … This piece of information so far may not attract much attention, but if we take a look at a person who extensively uses body milk weekly and spends 250ml of this product, in 20 years time this person inputs 200 liters of demineralized water (which “steals” 30.000mg of our precious minerals) and 50 kg of various chemicals, then this piece of information becomes alarming! With huge efforts and of course consequences, our body dumps most of the toxins, but some chunk stays permanently (some 3 to 6%). This means that a person who has been using body milk for 20 years has between 1,5 and 3 kg of toxin just from this one product! After being exposed for several years to these harmful ingredients one can suffer serious health problems because our skin absorbs and then through blood stream reaches to all our organs. The effects vary from mild and unnoticeable disorders to significant drop in immune system and severe illnesses.

Today, consumers are becoming more and more conscious of the word “hydration” as a killing tool for making profit. We are proud of our distinctiveness and the fact that we are pioneers in the new approach to treatment, and we won`t say just skin treatment, but our body as a whole. Our collection came to life out of such approach, and it has been developing and improving for more than 11 years.

We hope that you didn`t find this introduction in to our little empire to comprehensive or overwhelming because we really put a lot of time and effort in creating our products. Our aim is to offer best quality products on the global market, including holistic and homeopathic approach to the health of the whole body. We can attest to our success, for we have an army of our satisfied consumers around the globe.

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