Hemel Bio Detox Center Zlatibor

“ Nature has a solution for everything, just trust in it. ”

About Us

More than quarter of a century long tradition of natural products production based on bee products and herbs, along with millions of satisfied customers around the world confirm the importance of uncompromising quality and Hemel’s vision.

Hemel’s range of products consists of a program for weight loss, detoxification, natural food supplements, cosmetics, organic foods, aromatherapy program… These products do not contain any preservatives, emulsifiers, additives, starch, artificial colors and fragrances, or any chemical substances, and they represent the real treasure of the highest quality components from nature: honey, beeswax, propolis, royal jelly, extracts of herbs, essential oils, vegetable oils , vitamins and minerals isolated from the nature… They are produced by a single Hemel’s technology that allows maximum utilization of the active ingredients of herbs and bee products, with particular symbiotic effect.

Every day, every second counts.

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