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Bio Detox Concept

Our detox concept is based on the combination of proven and recognized methods of Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. Richard Schultz, Dr. Rudolf Brojs, Dr. John Christopher, Dr. Mahmoud Suhail, Ernest Guenther, Victoria Butenko and other doctors and researchers.

Benefits of Detox

Our approach enables rapid and healthy weight-loss without feeling the hunger, and in addition it carries various health benefits through alkalization of the blood and tissue, cleansing of all the organs and body as a whole.


Due to the rapid excretion of toxins from the body when utilizing our methods, intensive use of aromatherapy is required. Every treatment involves daily aromatherapy massage which includes carefully chosen combination of biologically active essential oils.

Mauntain Zlatibor

Mountain Zlatibor is the most frequently visited tourist resort in Serbia. It is located in the western part of Serbia, on highway E760 Belgrade – Montenegrin coast. It is situated at the distance of 230 km from Belgrade, 300 km from the Adriatic Sea and 200 km from Sarajevo.Temperature differences are minimal; there are more than 2,000 hours of sunshine per year and over 100 snowy days suitable for enjoying the snow and winter sports. The average annual temperature is 7.5 degrees Celsius and the average temperature during the day is around 18 degrees. Altitude of the populated area of Zlatibor is about 1,000 meters. It is intersected by numerous rivers, streams and gullies.Climate of Zlatibor is favorable for the treatment of asthma and other bronchial respiratory problems, allergic diseases, anemia, thyroid gland disorders

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